Bitmain Opens Repair Center in Russia

Leading manufacturer of crypto mining equipment Bitmain has opened a service center in Russia. Miners in the country will be able to repair their ASIC rigs locally, saving both time and money. Previously, they had to send faulty equipment back to China, dealing with customs formalities and paying costly shipping.

Bitmain to Repair ASICs in Irkutsk

Bitmain, one of the largest cryptocurrency miners and a leading manufacturer of equipment for bitcoin mining, has decided to cater the needs of the growing Russian market locally. The Chinese company has recently opened a tech support center in the city of Irkutsk, one of the largest in Siberia. The new facility will repair Bitmain’s ASIC-rigs and even replace faulty equipment.

Russian mining companies will surely welcome the announcement, as up until now they were forced to send defective ASICs back to China. That involved going through some nerve-wracking customs formalities and paying for expensive shipping to Asia.

In the absence of a licensed repair shop, many Russian miners had to either fix the rigs themselves or rely on local “handicraftsmen”. Sending the precious “iron” to China was both expensive and risky, as the hardware could be damaged in shipping. Going back and forth through Russian and Chinese customs further complicated the servicing of mining devices by their manufacturer.

From now on, qualified repairs will be performed in the new Bitmain service center in Irkutsk. Unrepairable devices will be replaced with new ones, provided they are covered by warranty, as reports. The postal address of the facility is: Index 664043, City of Irkutsk, 12 Rakitnaya Street, office 103.

Before sending the hardware, though, Russian miners have to contact tech support and fill out a form available on the website of the manufacturer. Devices can be shipped after Bitmain’s agents clarify all details, answer any outstanding questions, and approve the claim…

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