Bitmex Launches Bitcoin Cash Futures and Announces BCH Distribution

Bitmex traders can now speculate on the price of bitcoin cash after the exchange activated futures trading. As a consequence, 20x leveraged trading is now live under the $BCHX17 ticker. The exchange has also announced that it will be selling the BCH holders were entitled to and distributing it in the form of BTC. The disbursal process will be completed before the end of the year.

Go Long Or Go Short

Bitcoin futures have been big news of late, but it’s bitcoin core that’s been hogging the headlines, largely thanks to CME’s announcement that it will soon be permitting bitcoin futures contracts. The arrival of bitcoin cash futures at Bitmex adds further evidence that BCH is starting to see widespread adoption from vendors, wallets, and exchanges.

Hong Kong’s Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange is famed for its futures trading, which offers up to 100x leverage on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The arrival of BCH futures spells good news for fans of the cryptocurrency as well as for speculators. In many respects, futures trading is well-suited to BCH, allowing believers to long it, sceptics to short it and agnostic traders to go either way…

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