How is Blockchain in Asia? BlockShow Meetup Conclusions

After the tremendous success of BlockShow Europe in April, we were all set and excited for our next adventure – BlockShow Asia 2017!

As the continents changed, so did the cities, people and cultures – but one thing stayed the same – the BlockShow vibe. This time BlockShow comes with a new motto: “Window to the Global Blockchain World.” This means that in a few short weeks we are going to build a bridge between the Eastern and the Western parts of the Global Blockchain ecosystem.

That’s why we traveled across five cities in five countries to meet the actual Blockchain community out there and also bring together the most promising and innovative Blockchain startups. Wherever we went, we were welcomed by the local Blockchain enthusiasts and experts with open arms and valuable knowledge.

In all the countries we were joined by the movers and shakers of the industry who have been involved with Blockchain for many years. For instance, Nicolas Cary, co-founder of, accompanied us at our New Delhi meetup and shared his valuable insights on the Blockchain industry…

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