Blockchain becoming the rage at US business schools

Bitcoin has been a game changer in more than just the currency markets, as more business students going into the finance industry are studying bitcoin’s “blockchain” technology which is expected to be applied to many sectors

US business schools are beefing up training in the software that underlies digital currency bitcoin, a technology expected to be a game changer in many industries.

The move makes sense as more students seek careers in financial technology, or “fintech,” which has captivated leading Wall Street banks and been called “the most important technology since the internet.”

In January, the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley will offer its first ever course in blockchain software.

The Haas school, which is near San Francisco and Silicon Valley, will handpick 60 students from the departments of business, engineering and law and split them into groups of six to explore possible applications of the technology…

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