Blockchain and Bitcoin Among the Top 10 Skills Online

With the digital currency market experiencing a surge in price, so too is the demand for experts in the industry.

To date, bitcoin’s price has risen as high as $7,300, helping to push the combined market value of all digital currencies over $192 billion for the first time. With this increase in value, employers are becoming more interested in the industry and are actively seeking experts in the field, reports Bloomberg.

Data compiled by Upwork, a website that connects freelancers with prospective employers, found that demand for people with expertise in blockchain and bitcoin-related work has risen during the last quarter.

According to Upwork, blockchain and bitcoin ranked second and third among the top 10 online skills behind robotics in the first place. The remaining were penetration testing – a cybersecurity specialty – react.js development, Amazon web services lambda, augmented reality, deep learning, Instagram marketing, and Final Cut Pro X. Compared to the same quarter last year, the 10 skills all grew by 200 percent…

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