How Blockchain Can Regulate Global Food Distribution

The news reports and the World Health Organization surveys (approximately 600 million in a year) validate that the ailments owing to food contamination and malnutrition have escalated to an all-time high. These have raised the outrage to regulate and optimize the food supply chain and global food distribution network.

You might have witnessed this fact that literally every intrinsic and complex issue that we hear in the world is predominantly caused by the fraudulent depiction of data. Data can be used to completely change and misrepresent the actual figures related to resources and its allocation. This is exactly what is happening to our global food production network.

The distribution system which should be highly focused towards inspection by promoting transparency is suffering badly in the hands of malpractitioner. The distribution network requires a fluid control of information during all the points of its travel from field to fork. The researchers are now making efforts to implement Blockchain technology in monitoring the food supply chain and its global distribution…

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