Blockchain Could ‘Revolutionize’ Retail and CPG Industries: Deloitte

A new report from “Big Four” auditing firm Deloitte argues that blockchain integrations across retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) could “revolutionize” the industries.

The report, titled “New tech on the block,” examined 50 blockchain use cases within the two sectors – across three general categories of business: consumer, supply chain and payments and contracts – and scoring them for the “added value” they could create, as per Deloitte’s criteria.

The research identified four areas within retail and CPG where blockchain has the potential to ease pain-points in the industries, including traceability, compliance, flexibility and stakeholder management – with the supply chain use case having the most potential in the short-term.

Deloitte also hones in on more granular-level possibilities for the industries, saying in the report that a “know your supplier” solution with which firms can store data on suppliers and execute payments and contracts would be the “number one opportunity” for businesses, a company statement says.

Steve Larke, technology consulting partner at Deloitte, sees blockchain technology as the “next big thing” for retailers and consumer businesses, with its ability to authenticate, track and record transactions…

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