The Blockchain Might Scare the Gig Economy to Death

“Skedaddle, an ‘Uber-for-buses’ startup, is launching a blockchain project that aims to completely eliminate tipping,” is the first sentence here, and then somehow “Users can rate any interaction with a service worker, which also functions as a tip, and follows a worker from job to job,” is the second, and by that point your soul has probably already left your body. But it keeps going!

The “Kudos Project” will run on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing customers to rate any transaction they make, Skedaddle co-founder and CEO Adam Nestler told Business Insider.


Those ratings, for anyone from your Uber driver to restaurant server to grocery supermarket cashier, are then instantly published to a decentralized database that allows anyone using the system to see the ratings that then follow an employee from one job to another throughout the full gig economy.


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