Blockchain to Modernise the Scope of Traditional Journalism

In the 21st century Journalism is not all about conveying the information, but unearthing the untold truths and facts to put forth an option. In a nutshell, Journalism is voice of the people. In the recent years with the emergence of electronic media, journalism has came a long from reading daily headlines to hosting Friday night debates. Compared to a decade ago, today journalists globally have more freedom to have their say unfettered. However, we stumble upon sensational headlines of journalists been attacked worldwide and threatened to fabricate their voice. This Indeed is not good for our free society.

Blockchain and Journalism

Moreover, the landscape of journalism is significantly dented by lack of security surety of the whistleblowers across the globe. But, fortunately, Blockchain technology, the nucleus of world’s most dominant cryptocurrency Bitcoin is coming to redefine the length and breadth of journalism once for all.

The blockchain is nothing but a transparent public ledger distributed over the whole network. For instance,  if it is the Blockchain network, this ledger keeps a record of every transaction. And, the best part here the sender and receiver of a digital currency don’t have to disclose their personal information, the transaction can be anonymous. However, the Blockchain network is secure and robust, since the data once added to the ledger cannot be deleted or manipulated. Plus, the data is distributed over all the computer in the chain, so the hacker needs to attack every single entity in the network to claim a successful hack.

To understand how the Blockchain technology can shape the world of journalism. Let’ first unwrap the success story of the WikiLeaks, if you haven’t seen the popular movie The Fifth Estate.

Founded by an Internet activity from Australia, named Julian Assange, Wikileaks is a not for profit organisation originated from Iceland. Its sole objective was to put forth untold secrets regarding the government or any powerful individual from unidentified sources but with proofs…

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