Blockchain Rolls Out Trading Feature for 22 States in the U.S.

This week the UK-based company Blockchain has announced it has begun to roll out buying and selling features for U.S. residents. Starting now Blockchain Wallet users from 22 states can sell units of bitcoin core from within the wallets interface and other digital assets like bitcoin cash and ethereum will soon follow.

Residents from 22 States Can Use the Blockchain Wallet to Trade Cryptocurrency

The firm Blockchain (otherwise known as is one of the most popular and oldest cryptocurrency businesses in the space with over 22 million wallet accounts, according to the company. The firm has just announced that users from 22 U.S. states can now sell their bitcoin core from within the wallet (buy options will be available shortly). Out of all users the company’s CEO Peter Smith estimates that 30-40 percent of those users stem from the U.S. On January 18 the firm announced a partnership with a company called SFOX, a business that has contributed to “laying the groundwork for our Blockchain users in the U.S. to seamlessly buy and sell digital assets.”

“We are on a mission to build an open, accessible, and fair financial future, one piece of software at a time — This announcement brings us one step closer to realizing that mission by making the exchange of digital assets fast, easy, and inexpensive for millions of users across the US,” explains Blockchain’s announcement.

And this is just the beginning; in the coming weeks, users will also be able to buy bitcoin, and buy and sell other assets like ether and bitcoin cash.


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