Blockchain Technology The Future For Media – Interview With Mindshare CSO

Mindshare, the global media agency, recently signed an important partnership agreement with Zilliqa, the Singapore-based Blockchain technology company, to begin testing Blockchain solutions for fake news, data security and a potential industry-wide token system for validation.

Mindshare is a massive company with 7,000 employees and $31 bln in revenue, and their involvement with Blockchain technology will make huge waves in the coming months and years. Cointelegraph sat down for an exclusive interview with Gowthaman Ragothaman, the Chief Strategy Officer of FAST at Mindshare to understand more about their growing Blockchain interest.

Cointelegraph: Tell us a little bit about the direction Mindshare is moving in relation to technology adoption?

Mindshare: Within the Advertising Industry, media planning and buying, as a function/discipline has always remained heavily invested in the technology. From the beginning, we needed software programming to optimise media vehicles to using sophisticated analytics tools to link ad sales to business results through statistical modelling.

And Mindshare has always remained in the forefront of this [for] two decades. The rising share of digital investments … on the back of rising programmatic distribution of content to consumers is a big tipping point for technology adoption. Over the past 2-3 years, AdTech and MarTech as an ecosystem has exploded with various sub-industries from DMPs, DSPs, Verification, Visualisation to Saas and now Paas…

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