Blockchain’s Future As The Future Of Democracy

Blockchain technology can revolutionize and optimize democracies in ways that will change the fabric of our societies for the better. It seems only a matter of time until democracies move on-chain.

Blockchain Offers Fixes When Democracy Needs Them Most

Over the past several thousand years, one of the most rousing trends in human civilization has been our collective and steady democratization.

There were early blips, like the rising of the free peoples of Athens in ancient Greece. And things have moved much more rapidly in recent centuries, as the age of tyrants and kings were dealt a death blow by the age of constitutions and freedom.

Now, blockchain technologies are being hailed as the next major milestone in the democratization of humanity. And these cutting-edge technologies have the potential to perfect contemporary democracies in ways that previously were not conceivable.

Innovations, like the Democracy Earth’s voting system, Sovereign, based on blockchain technology, for example, are needed more than ever, especially as the imperfections in traditional voting systems have become causes of concern in recent years.

Consider how in September 2017 the state of Virginia in the United States de-certified every touch-screen voting machine in their jurisdiction after it was revealed that hackers could easily manipulate the devices’ voting records…

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