Blockchain’s Vertical Takeoff As Flying Cars Become Reality

You remember the pictures of techy, geeky, out-of-this worldly future in any sci-fi movie like ‘The Fifth Element’ to date: tall buildings, strange clothes, and, of course, flying cars running invisible highways stacking up all the way to the endless sky.

And I am most sure you’d say: “That’s too far ahead to think about now.”

It took decades for people to invent prototype self-tying Nikes from “Back to the Future II,” after all, and flying cars is a way more complicated thing than shoelaces. However odd that might sound, the future is coming very soon, full of flying cars and smart things existing and functioning in an interconnected intelligent environment which is the concept of the Internet of Things.

Since the mass culture seems to have always exploited the vision of the future as the place full of public transport, it’s not a surprise that a great idea wrapped into a number of breakthrough technologies charmed our mind.

Blockchain as ‘Fifth Element’

The phrase ‘Blockchain-based flying car’ got public attention.

Uber is working with NASA and several aerospace to get the ‘flying car’ project off the ground. Volvo‘s parent company designs the futuristic vehicles which could take to the skies within two years…

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