Breaking Bitcoin Conference Heading for Lisbon This Summer as “Building on Bitcoin”

The Breaking Bitcoin conference, first organized last summer in Paris, is returning for its second edition under the name “Building on Bitcoin,” this time in Lisbon, July 3–4, 2018. While the event in the French capital was centered around security, the one in the Portuguese capital will focus on second-layer technologies and other creative uses of the Bitcoin protocol.

“The Bitcoin blockchain is pretty limited in terms of features and flexibility; many newcomers think you can’t build anything with it,” Chainsmiths managing director and conference co-organizer Kevin Loaec told Bitcoin Magazine. “Yet, smart people find ways to build complex solutions on top of it. It’s interesting to share that knowledge.”

Second-Layer Technologies

After the sold-out first edition in Paris last year, which was loosely inspired by the successful Scaling Bitcoin conference format introduced in 2015, it seemed natural that Breaking Bitcoin, too, would turn into an annual event. The French organizers — besides Loaec, French Bitcoin community member Pierre Lorcery is putting the event together — decided to slightly change the name and format for this follow-up, however.

“We got good feedback [on] Breaking Bitcoin,” Loaec explained. “People were asking us when the next event would be. But we felt that organizing a conference focused around security each year may be a bit much; we don’t want to become repetitive. The plan is now to alternate: one year of Breaking Bitcoin, one year of Building on Bitcoin.”

Building on Bitcoin will focus on second-layer technologies in a broad sense. The best known and most popular of these is probably the Lightning Network, of which the first implementations entered their beta stage over the past couple of months. But other areas of research and development include different types of sidechains like Liquid, RSK ordrivechains; privacy technologies like TumbleBit; smart contract solutions like MAST; and more.

Like Breaking Bitcoin, Building on Bitcoin will be a technical conference with relatively little room for commercial interests. “And I think we are a little bit more community oriented, focusing on people and projects, and a little less academic than something like Scaling Bitcoin,” Loaec said.

Confirmed speakers so far include Bloq and drivechain developer Paul Sztorc, TumbleBit and BTCPay developer Nicolas Dorier, ZeroLink developer Ádám Ficsór, LedgerX developer and Bitcoin veteran Bryan Bishop and more. The speakers list is expected to grow over the coming weeks and months; anyone who’d like to give a talk can still submit a proposal through

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