BREAKING NEWS – Nasdaq To Launch Bitcoin Futures in 2018

Following in CME Group’s footsteps, NASDAQ announces plans to launch Bitcoin futures in the first half of 2018.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nasdaq Inc. is planning to launch Bitcoin futures as soon the first half of 2018. Nasdaq’s Bitcoin contracts will launch on Nasdaq Futures (NFX), a marketplace launched in 2015 that is most famous for energy trading. This latest news comes in the wake of the CME Group, the world’s largest online trading platform, announcing that they will launch Bitcoin futures this December. Traditional financial institutions have so far been reluctant to support Bitcoin, but the digital currency’s increasing price and popularity would appear to have finally given them no other choice – either take a slice of the Bitcoin business or lose it.

Investor interest in Bitcoin has spread like wildfire, with those totally unfamiliar with markets beginning to show an interest in investing and investment purely due to  Bitcoin’s nascent rise. With the price of Bitcoin superseding $11,000, possibly born from speculation of wider financial market acceptance, it would seem initial investor trust has been rewarded many times over…

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