BTCC CEO Reckons Bitcoin’s Price could Reach $10,000 Soon

Bobby Lee took to the stage at the Scaling Bitcoin technical conference last week, where he evangelized the cryptocurrency. He painted a rosy picture of its future and believes that the price could very well be in the $10,000 range soon. Lee is the CEO of Bitcoin exchange BTCC, which happens to be the oldest in China.

Despite addressing a largely technically inclined crowd at the conference, it quickly became apparent that Lee’s talk was also directed towards those newer to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market in general.

The talk began with the current price of bitcoin, that has has seen a sevenfold increase this year. Brushing aside concerns of this rapid climb, Lee claims that bitcoin is only now starting to prove its worth. He also dismissed those calling bitcoin a bubble and actively encouraged people to invest in it, especially if they haven’t already. At the current price point, Lee believes that it is the best time for someone to enter the world of digital currencies. He also went as far as calling it a “discount.” […]

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