Can Bitcoin Reshape The Retirement Narrative?

In past times, people turned to their families and extended families for security during their older years. But during the 20th century, the government began to assert itself as the controlling influence over one’s retirement and old age lifestyle.

Now the sovereign nature of Bitcoin threatens to change this trajectory, fueled by a looming collision between Individual Requirement Accounts and the popularity of digital assets.

A champion of this movement is former US Republican party congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul through his advocacy of a Bitcoin-based retirement fund called Coin IRA. Paul is encouraging Americans to learn more about this digital currency and the opportunities it may offer.

He states on the CoinIRA website:

“As a firm believer in currency competition, I’m excited to see the options that Bitcoin and blockchain open up.”

Paul’s message is particularly targeted to older American’s that have utilized gold as an investment plan.

Coin IRA is a subsidiary of Goldco, a firm that provides retirement funds based on investments in gold. Coin IRA’s current suite of portfolio offerings includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

In an October interview with the financial news organization, The Street, Paul shared his views on blockchain technology’s emergence and the growing number of currencies based on it. Admitting that he’s not an expert, Paul has stated that he currently is not in support of the technology and its legalization so far. At the same time, he’s clear in his opposition against the growing involvement of US government’s in Bitcoin technology…

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