How Can We Create Awareness Regarding Blockchain in India?

The Blockchain technology has digitalised the world with ease of storing records online, right from bookkeeping for banks to verifying the data presented by a candidate in his or her professional CV, this technology is an ocean of possibilities. And, India, being the world’s biggest democracy is no exception here, where the potential of Blockchain transparent, distributed ledger reaches far beyond being the core technology behind Bitcoin.

The Blockchain ledgers, today, can include logistics, loans, identities, land titles, and more to bring transparency and add an extra cushion of security. The biggest advantage of Blockchain ledger is that the data it holds cannot be deleted or manipulated.  Furthermore, since, it has no single point of failure, hacking it is virtually next to impossible. Thus, will revolutionise how contracts are initiated and tracked between two business parties.

Though the Blockchain technology is steadily gaining a dominant foothold in the various industries of India, there are several sectors where this distributed ledger can do wonders. However, not implemented by investors, owing to their lack of knowledge about this fool-proof technology…

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