Can a cryptocurrency be used to fight hate speech, fake news and divisive politics?

Can a cryptocurrency push back against the tide of hate speech, ‘fake news’ and divisive politics? A new initiative, Ananas, is going to try.

Effectively, they want to fight radicalization by “mapping ideologies”, providing a compass to navigate belief systems and using cryptocurrency to reward contributors.

The UK-based new charitable foundation plans to create a platform which works by creating an infrastructure that allows members of an ideology to piece together the elements that best represent them on top of a hyper-relational graph database (created by partners GRAKN.AI). These will be fed into easy-to-use consumer applications, augmented by AI, and relevant to a target audience.

Using a cryptocurrency economy based on its token, the Anacoin, they will verify content on anything they chose to map and align the interests of disparate, sometimes competing groups, to build the platform and rewarding people for doing so.

Practically speaking, the first implementation of this will be focused on fighting Islamic extremism and Islamophobia, with other religions, cultures and even politics mappable on the same platform as the respective communities join.

What this means is that users will be paid to annotate an online version of the Quran (dubbed “The Living Quran”) with digital content and real-life resources, and be paid to do so. The founders say: “Existing Islamic solutions fall flat as you often just have translations without context, which leaves them still vulnerable to extremists warping words and exploiting ignorance. In our first Living Quran consumer-facing application you will be able to see as much context as you want on any part or theme of the Quran from any perspective, or just talk to a Muslim put forward by a respective community.” […]

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