Catalan Government Leaning Towards E-Residency Program

After declaring independence from Spain, Catalonia has now set its sights on developing a financial structure that would run parallel to the country.

Catalan Sovereignty

Following a referendum wrought with conflict and allegations that claimed the vote illegal, Catalonia declared its independence from Spain on October 27. Catalan citizens flooded the streets in celebration after only a week earlier they had protested against the violence on the day of the vote. As reported by The Guardian, Eladi Jaume from Barcelona as well as many others, wept with joy.

Shortly after the first glasses of Cava had been drunk in celebration, the Spanish government dissolved the Catalan parliament, took control of the region and announced new elections on December 21. Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, also fired the regional president, Carles Puigdemont, and removed the head of the regional police force.

Rajoy concluded that he has, “decided to call free, clean and legal elections as soon as possible to restore…the self-government that has been eliminated by the decisions of the Catalan government.” It has also been reported that Puigdemont could be placed in jail within the next two months…

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