Catalonia Referendum Allegedly Funded by Bitcoin

According to Spanish newspaper of record, El Mundo, much of the media used to promote Catalonia’s October 1st (O-1) referendum to secede from Spain was paid for in bitcoin. O-1 passed, but not before the entire affair was deemed illegal. The country’s more than a century and a half old, and highly respected, law enforcement agency, Guardia Civil, is alleging O-1 leaders used the world’s most popular cryptocurrency as a way to hide related expenses from Madrid.    


Catalonia Uprising Funded by Bitcoin

No less than Amazon and Google have been implicated in a political squabble where passions run deep. Spain’s national law enforcement claims Catalonia’s illegal independence vote’s notorious advocate, Carles Puigdemont, used bitcoin to pay for services such as websites in an effort to get around federal dictums.

Jon Rogers and Maria Ortega report, “Google was allegedly paid for providing the online tool Project Privacy Shield that protects websites from cyber attacks, while Amazon is said to have been paid for providing the system for counting the votes.” […]

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