Cities Continue To Tap Into Renewable Energy Sources For Cryptocurrency Mining

Many cryptocurrency mining facilities rely on traditional energy sources for power. Not only does mining require a great deal of energy, but tremendous amounts of energy are also used to cool these centers — AC cooling costs make up 50% of total energy costs of regular mining centers. recently highlighted in a story that the government of Kazuno, Japan, a city that is notable for its renewable energy and low temperature in the winter, is trying to attract cryptocurrency miners to take advantage of its clean and renewable electricity. In fact, Tokyo-based Miner Garage Co., Ltd. a digital currency mining company, has already announced that it will open ‘the first clean energy-based Japanese mining center’ in the city to mine 10 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin next month.” Miner Garage is also in negotiations with Tohoku Electric Power Co. Inc. “regarding renewable energy procurement.” There are currently about 32,000 inhabitants in the city.

Japan Today also reported earlier this month that “the average yearly temperature of Kazuno City is low, probably contributing to improving the heat exhausting/cooling effects to deal with the heat generated by computers for mining. The government of Kazuno City has been inviting companies that run businesses by using renewable, energy-derived clean electricity. The city has an abundance of renewable energy including geothermal, hydroelectric and wind powers, and its self-sufficiency rate of electricity exceeds 300%”. Renewable energy providers Looop and Remixpoint are also among those offering low-cost energy solutions to miners…

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