Coastal Town Claims to be First “Digital Currency-Friendly” in Australia

Agnes Water, a beach town situated five hours north of Brisbane International Airport, has proclaimed itself to be the first “digital currency-friendly” tourist town in Australia. Over 30 businesses now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment in Agnes Water – despite being home to just over two thousand residents.

Agnes Water Seeks to Leverage Crypto to Boost Tourism

The town’s decision to embrace cryptocurrency was reportedly the brainchild of local real estate agent, Gordon Christian.

Mr. Christian said that he first became aware of cryptocurrency when a client enquired as to how to process bitcoin payments, however, his interest peaked after discovering that a number of businesses had announced that they would accept cryptocurrency payments at Brisbane Airport.

“I thought, ‘This is something worth having a look at’,” Mr. Christian said, “We started from the ground up, shared it with a couple of businesses and they were straight on board […] I guess they were international travelers themselves and had heard of these types of payments. Initially, we had a good 10 businesses that just said, ‘Fine — let’s go for it’.”

Support for Crypto Spread Quickly Among Local Businesses

As the idea caught on among Agnes Water businesses, Mr. Christian states that the town increasingly wanted to tailor its tourism toward the “digital traveler.”

Mr. Christian recounts the number of businesses embracing cryptocurrency quickly growing, stating “So it started out as, ‘Well, how would they get here? Could we provide a shuttle service to bring them from the airport or the railway station?’ Then [we considered], ‘Where would they stay and what are they going to do when they get here?’.” […]

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