Coinbase App Trending On The Apple App Store

The Coinbase app has been trending at #1 on the Apple app store, coming as Bitcoins price nears $10,000 just after the American Thanksgiving weekend.

Trending Searches are the most popular searches made in the Apple App Store and the data can be used to extrapolate what is on the minds of a broad range of Apple device users – no prizes for guessing, it’s Bitcoin, specifically Coinbase’s Bitcoin wallet app. With Bitcoin’s price pushing at $10,000, barely days after it passed $9,000, it would appear as though the Thanksgiving family chatter could have been dominated by talk of Bitcoin gains, followed by those wanting to get in on the lucrative asset eagerly searching their phone for the Coinbase app.

The app store trends search was introduced in 2014, working in a similar fashion to Twitter’s trends. It allows those searching the App Store to see what is currently “hot” without resorting to what have been surmised to be easily manipulable chart rankings. According to Techcrunch Apple have not specified how  ‘trending searches’ works, or how real-time it is, but it serves as a pretty good indicator of what is currently on users minds…

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