Control of Highly Demanded Crypto Classes May Spark Turf War at Universities

Can only a law professor teach about smart contracts? Universities have faced several challenges with adding crypto classes to their curriculum such as a scarcity of knowledgeable lecturers and an ecosystem that develops much faster than they can reprint books. Now they also have to worry about different departments bickering over control of the multifaceted subject.

Academic Tug of War Over Crypto Classes

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain classes are all the rage at academic institutions around the world, from Chicago to Brazil and even North Korea. In fact, they are now in such high demand that academics fear they might lead to a turf war between computer science, economics, law, accounting, finance departments and business schools.

Garrick Hileman, who lectured about cryptocurrencies as part of a master of finance course at the University of Cambridge, told the Financial Times that: “It wouldn’t surprise me to see some turf wars break out over who owns the blockchain curriculum at business schools.”

David Yermack, professor of finance at New York University Stern School of Business, started teaching about Bitcoin to MBA students back in 2014. He explains that: “It’s interdisciplinary. The computer science and finance industries have merged and this needs to happen in universities too. But universities are bureaucratic — it will be political and take time.” […]

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