Crypto-Powered Brave Browser is #12 Top Tech Firm of 2018

On June 12, The Wall Street Journal released its “Top 25 Tech Companies to Watch in 2018” list, featuring innovative startups in the AI, blockchain and cybersecurity sector. The list ranked Brave Software, the blockchain-based browser created by Firefox and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich at twelveth.

Brave Browser’s Progress

Over the past year, Brave Browser, which compensates publishers with tokens by transparently embedding advertisements through the blockchain, has made a successful attempt in penetrating one of the most difficult industries even for large-scale businesses to maintain dominance over. Largely controlled by Chrome and Firefox, the the market share of the browser industry is mainly dominated by a few key players including Safari, Opera, and Edge.

Last month, after securing a partnership with Dow Jones, the publisher of The Wall Street Journal, Brave secured a partnership with YouTube creators Bart Baker and Philip DeFranco to improve the adoption of the Brave browser amongst young users and popular creators.

DeFranco, who has been one of the most influential and beloved YouTubers for many years with more than 6 million subscribers, said at the time:

“I’m so excited to work with Brave and spread the word because, in addition to being such a fantastic product that creates a cleaner, faster, and secure browsing experience, they are thinking about creators, their audiences, and how to support both first. This is a fantastic opportunity for the creators looking to diversify and get the platform that makes it easier to go from creating as a hobby, to creating and supporting yourself, to building your very own business.”

As of May 2018, Brave had more than 2.2 million monthly active users, with the majority of users residing in the US and the EU. Given the rapid increase in its user base within a 12-month period, the Brave team stated that it is confident Brave browser can add millions of new active users by the end of 2018…

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