Cryptocurrency Interest Wanes — Online Searches for “Bitcoin” Drop 80%

Over the course of the past few weeks, cryptocurrency prices have been dropping in value. However, online interest is another trend plunging as well within the digital currency realm as Google Trends searches for the word “bitcoin” have descended to levels not seen since October of 2017.

Online Interest in Cryptocurrency Word and Phrase Searches Decline Considerably

According to data from Google Trends and Insights searches for the word “bitcoin” is declining rapidly. The chart dating back to March 2017 is almost identical to the BTC/USD weekly price chart. The same can be said for a variety of popular words that reached peaks at the end of 2017 like the words “ethereum,” “ripple,” and “cryptocurrency.” Google’s data suggest that all of these words including “bitcoin” show searches are down well over 80 percent.

Word searches for “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” drop significantly.

Right now the countries showing the most interest in bitcoin searches includes South Africa, Slovenia, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore, Austria, Canada, Switzerland, Ghana, and Norway. Right now the most relatable queries include searches like “Binance,” “ripple price,” “bitcoin bubble burst,” and “bitcoin cash news.” Bitcoin cash (BCH) searches are also meandering at October levels as well, and copious amounts of interest in BCH stems from Bolivia, the Netherlands, and Australia…

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