The Cryptocurrency Market Cap Trends Higher – Commanding $300Bn This Week

This week the entire cryptocurrency market capitalization surpassed US$300Bn for the first time in history. Bitcoin’s significant rise in value, alongside the wide variety of other cryptocurrencies having similar price spikes continue to reveal that digital assets are trending across the world in a big way.

1323 Cryptos Command a Whopping $300Bn Market Cap

Bitcoin came to the world back in January of 2009, and following its birth, other cryptocurrencies were born during the early days like litecoin, mastercoin, feathercoin, and peercoin. Now there are 1323 different cryptocurrencies that have created a significantly large market capitalization of over $300Bn. According to, over the past two weeks, digital asset trade volumes have been through the roof trading nearly $15-26Bn in daily trades. The financial publication Business Insider notes that metric is “higher than the 5-day average trading volume for some U.S. equity exchanges.”

The Top 15 Digital Assets Have Market Caps Over a Billion and the Top Ten Have Over $2 Billion

A few months ago only the top six largest cryptocurrency market caps had a billion or more; which was a record at the time. Now the top 15 digital assets have market caps of over a billion or more. The top ten capture over $2Bn each, which includes bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, ripple, bitcoin gold, dash, litecoin, IOTA, monero, and NEO. Bitcoin’s market is dominating at the moment by over 53 percent, but ethereum, bitcoin cash, and ripple also have large percentages of the $300Bn overall market cap…

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