DApps to Offer Power of Apps But Fight Centralization

The history of apps is a long one. Back in 1983, Steve Jobs talked about what is now known as the app store. At the time, users were required to buy applications before actually trying them out. In this sense, Steve Jobs explained how an app store would disrupt the current norm using a record store analogy. People know what records they want to buy because they get a free sample in the radio.

In Jobs’ vision, the software industry needed a similar approach where the user could first check out the app and then download it fully. A quarter-century later, in 2008, the Apple App Store was launched.

Known as a critical “user interface moment,” the inception of the App Store allowed developers to create and upload their apps easily, generating revenue and reaching millions of people. At the same time, regular users could access myriads of new programs simply by downloading them and/or buying them from the app store…

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