Dark Web Vendor Offers Incredible Lindauer Painting for $666,775

The New Zealand dark web market makes history as it sells the rare and prolific paintings for the first time. According to a report by Wired on November 23, dark net vendor announces the listing of a treasured national painting being sold on the white shadow marketplace. Jim Wheeler, a cyber expert and CEO of ReSolve Cyber, found the painting. Unlike the hacking and selling of other products, the selling of this unique fine art by the dark web market was unexpected.

A painting by Gottfried Lindauer a Bohemian prolific portrait painter is being auctioned by a dark web vendor. This is one of the two precious rare and valuable paintings which was preserved in the New Zealand international Art Center; the Auckland gallery. Surprisingly, the art is now on the dark web on sale for £500,000 ($666,775).

The painting is out in the dark web market after being stolen in Auckland, New Zealand during April 2017; the auction is open until December 28, 2017. Beware that the painting was stolen as the article headline emphasizes since the police are tracking down the thieves.

The Lindauer paintings on sale is an original listing of an iconic artist and painter, Chief Ngatai–Raure a 133-year-old man, who is also known to have done oil painting on the depiction of Lindauer’s work. Among other things sold by dark web criminals, this is one of a kind artwork, a conservatory which is new in dark web territory…

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