Deep Web Roundup: Aero Sinks and the Ghost of Trade Route Rises

Welcome to the second edition of Deep Web Roundup in which we collate the most intriguing stories from the darker side of the net. Despite not attracting as many headlines as it did in its 2013 heyday, the deep web is still a hub of paranoia, P2P trading, and pioneering privacy features. Anyone interested in preserving their anonymity on the net could learn a lot from the darknet’s more cautious practitioners.

Firefox is Borrowing Privacy Features From Tor

Deep Dot Web has reported on the extent to which Firefox has been incorporating features from the Tor browser. Given that Tor contains 95% of Mozilla’s code, that’s not surprising. It’s interesting though to see features such as blocking of HTML5 canvas fingerprinting trialed in Tor before migrating to Firefox. This type of fingerprinting can be used to track users as they browse the web, but Tor’s developers have found a way to curtail that.

Zcash, the Not-So-Private Coin

Thought your cryptocurrency transactions were private cos you’d been using zcash? Turns out there’s a one in three chance you’re wrong. If you want to maintain your privacy on the deep web – or anywhere else for that matter – monero looks like a safer bet. The coin has soared to almost $250 today, buoyed by news that it can now be used to purchase the music of more than 40 major recording artists. The real benefit of privacy coins, it transpires, is having the freedom to anonymously purchase Mariah Carey albums…

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