Democracy should be blockchainified

Right now, we simply don’t live in a true democracy. We elect representatives to vote on our behalf, and we show our displeasure with the status quo after one or two terms with a radical switch to the opposition that sets about dismantling their work. But is there a better way?

Could the people vote on every major decision? Could we have a say on everything? Yes, we can.

The disruptive answer is right there in front of our face. The answer is blockchain voting.

We literally could have our say on every major government policy. Almost everything could go to a referendum and each and every one of us could have our say in the running of our country.

It’s almost hard to believe in this sharing economy, when we can run polls on Facebook and get results of a vote in real time, that we’re leaving decisions that affect our daily lives to people we might not trust at all.

The Ancient Greeks managed this system in 5BC, and now we’ve got technology on our side. Blockchain can go well beyond cryptocurrencies. National governments already have their records online and it can do everything from changing the voting process to fighting child trafficking and illegal fishing. We just have to apply it…

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