Devcon3 Preview: 6 Talks to Watch At Ethereum’s Developer Summit

From $72 million to $28 billion – ethereum’s value has skyrocketed in 2017.

Once dismissed as just another cryptocurrency, the protocol has won praise for its persistence in charting an innovative course in technology development. Indeed, for many investors, the conversation is now bitcoin and ether first, a sign it’s set itself apart from the broader asset class.

That said, roadblocks remain between ethereum and its goal of fulfilling its value proposition and becoming a “world computer.”

It’s against that background that programmers and enthusiasts from around the world are descending on Cancún, Mexico, this week for the protocol’s flagship developer conference, Devcon. An annual event, Devcon3 sold out back in July and features 128 sessions over the course of its four-day program.

There to present will be several of the platform’s most prominent technologists, including ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) developer Nick Johnson and Cornell University professor Emin Gun Sirer, who will no doubt speak to the network’s pressing issues.

A look at the schedule shows that ethereum developers have their heads down on a variety of projects aimed at bringing the platform to fruition, with perhaps scalability and privacy, emerging as the big touchpoints.

Can’t make it to Cancun? The Ethereum Foundation is streaming the entire conference live.

With that in mind, CoinDesk has compiled its list of the top six talks to watch: […]

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