Don’t Ban Bitcoin – Russian Banker

Bitcoin and various altcoins have endured turbulent times in Russia as the government continually changes its stance on cryptocurrencies.

Last month, Russia announced that it would be issuing its very own cryptocurrency which would be regulated by its very own authorities. ‘Cryptoruble’ cannot be mined, but people would be able to trade the virtual currency with Russian Rubles.

A little over three weeks later, Russia’s communications minister Nikolay Nikiforov reiterated that Bitcoin trade would never be legalized in the country.

Russian statements

Despite all of this, there still seems to be a healthy appetite for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the country, with bank and financial institution heads making interesting statements on the subject.

German Gref, who is the head of Russian state bank Sberbank, believes that the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by the masses cannot be ignored: […]

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