‘Dumb’ MacOS Malware Attacks Slack, Discord Users Discussing Crypto

Security researchers have discovered MacOS malware attacks targeting Slack and Discord users talking about cryptocurrencies, SC Media UK reports July 2.

Remco Verhoef, founder of network security firm DutchSec, posted about the malware on June 30th in a blog post for the information security and cybersecurity training Sans Institute.

According to Verhoef, the attacks impersonate administrators or “key people” in crypto-related chats, and then share “small snippets” that are downloaded and execute a malicious binary. SC Media UK notes that the malware can steal user passwords and store them on the local machine as well, which Verhoef identifies as German provider CrownCloud’s apparently Netherland-based server.

Patrick Wardle of Digital Security posted on Objective-See on June 29 about the Mac-targeted malware attacks, writing that “apparently attackers are asking users to infect themselves” with a “rather massive machO binary.” […]

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