Estcoin Backs Down as Banking Authorities Bully Estonia

The small Baltic nation of Estonia has backed down on its plan to create a national cryptocurrency after drawing heat from Italian economist and President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi, as well as local banking authorities. Now, the Estcoin will simply be used as an incentive for e-residents.

Banking Bullies

Estonia’s cryptocurrency project, Estcoin, will “definitely not be a national ‘cryptocurrency,” after receiving pressure from banking authorities. According to Estonia’s head of IT strategy, Siim Sikkut, the digital token will now merely be offered as an incentive to foreigners using Estonia’s electronic identification to sign documents and set up companies remotely.

Estonia originally planned on pegging its national cryptocurrency to the euro — the official currency of the European Union — as well as offering them to all citizens within the Baltic country.

‘The currency of the eurozone is the euro’

As noted by Bloomberg, Estonia is one of the most technologically advanced states in its region and has been planning on issuing its own state cryptocurrency — the Estcoin — for quite some time. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, however, has been critical of the idea, stating that only the euro may be used in the small country…

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