Every tenth Russian billionaire invests in cryptocurrencies

Russian entrepreneurs go totally bitcoin’ed. 10% of the Russian billionaires from the Forbes list has invested or plans to finance cryptocurrency-related projects.

Alexander Abramov, Roman Abramovich, and Alexander Frolov, the co-owners of steel producer Evraz, are going to invest in crypto-projects, informs The Bell. They will use Target Global funds, which have over $500 million in assets under management. They will announce the investments in the near term, a source close to Evraz’s management told to The Bell.

Igor Rybakov, the founder of roofing materials manufacturer Technonikol and also a member of the Forbes list, admitted that he had invested in the blockchain-based investing platform Blackmoon Crypto. Also, Rybakov and his partner Oscar Hartman, the founder of the online service CarFix, have already been actively investing in cryptocurrencies for the last six months. Hartman also is going to launch a blockchain-based car insurance platform and raise $100 million through an ICO…

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