Ex-Moscow Exchange Exec Emerges as Blockchain Boss

It’s been two years since a former managing director of the Moscow Exchange resigned his position in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of the Crimean region in his native Ukraine.

Now, after years of exploring his options, Roman Sulzhyk has become the latest in a string of senior-level executives around the world to make the jump to the blockchain sector. Not only has Sulzhyk invested in the Ukraine-based blockchain startup Distributed Lab, he’s taken on a leadership role as chairman of its board of directors.

But while entering the blockchain industry has been compared to a religious experience for some, Sulzhyk’s motivation is decidedly more political.

After spending much of his career working for big banks, Sulzhyk resigned as the managing director of Moscow Exchange’s futures market in 2015, a year after Russia controversially took over Crimea.

Since then, the Moscow Exchange press office and Sulzhyk himself have both expressedsupport for one another, even while complexities around the departure persist.

“Unfortunately, the political situation between our two countries at the moment does make it difficult,” Sulzhyk said. “Let’s just say, I’m opposed to the politics of Putin.”

Still, the former chairman of the supervisory board of the National Depository of Ukraine and well-known advocate for transparency in the financial markets sees an opportunity in blockchain that goes beyond his professional history and past roles.

Sulzhyk told CoinDesk: […]

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