Exclusive: MyEtherWallet Сlaims Hacking Rumors Are ‘Stupid Lie’

Cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet (MEW) has told Cointelegraph that rumors about it being hacked are “FUD” and “a stupid lie.”

In a private message today, Jan. 9, the wallet provider categorically denied accusations circling on social media that hackers had gained access to their DNS, creating a phishing scam to gather login data.

The rumors that MEW had been hacked appeared to stem from developers of altcoin Ethereum Blue (BLUE) on Twitter, who posted a string of warnings about the DNS compromise, along with advice not to use MEW.

Referring to BLUE’s tweets, MEW told Cointelegraph:

“MEW is not compromised. They [BLUE] are either maliciously spreading FUD to harm others, maliciously spreading FUD to boost their own coin’s price, or just so incompetent and were confused. Regardless, it’s a stupid lie.”

Several of the tweets from BLUE today have already been deleted, but a screenshot of the original tweets was published in a reddit post, which has since marked the story as “fake.”

A reddit user who allegedly works for MEW replied to the post, stating that the wallet was “not aware of any compromises” and reminded users that they can always access the service offline…

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