The first ever Ethereum sweatshirt will be sent to space

We all know the famous expression “Ethereum to the moon”. Well this time around, someone decided to do something similar. The clothing company, Pressco, will send the first ever Ethereum sweatshirt to space. It has been a great year for the Ethereum cryptocurrency and its x55 growth will be celebrated.

For this so-called “Space Mission,” there was a need to choose a piece of clothing that conveyed an idea of Ethereum. As Ethereum and other cryptocurrency-based T-Shirts are already everywhere, the sublimated, full-print sweatshirt was chosen—something exciting and unusual.


The estimated flight time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The hydrogen-filled balloon will rise up to the sky, surpassing the Ozone Layer, and try to escape the stratosphere up to 33 kilometers above Earth. At this height, the balloon will explode and start falling down, but the parachute will prevent it from crashing. From a designated launch location, the team will follow the route of the “satellite” and go straight to the position where the Ethereum sweatshirt will land—which will be up to 300 kilometers from the starting point, depending on the wind. We are hoping it does not end up in a lake, a high tree or a neighboring country…

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