The First Gas Station to Accept Crypto

Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company PEMEX, will accept Ethereum at participating gas stations starting December 1st, 2017. Franchisee owners will launch the pilot using Beluga Pay’s mobile point of sale system that is currently in private beta.

PEMEX is one of the world’s largest non-publicly traded companies, has over 100,000 employees and enjoys a virtual monopoly over exploration and gas pumps across Mexico.

“We are proud to integrate cryptocurrency payments within such an established business as PEMEX and by 2018, Beluga tokenholders will be able to share the fees on our platform ” says Beluga Pay CEO, Alejandro Avila.

Beluga Pays Goals During the Pilot

Our goal with the pilot is to have sufficient data and customer feedback to present to key decision makers at PEMEX for a full-scale implementation…

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