Forum Wars: r/Bitcoin Mods Accused of Hacking and Vote Manipulation

It’s no secret that not everyone in the world of bitcoin shares the same opinion. Heated debates, and all out flame wars, play across social media every day. But what happens when the debate goes beyond mere words, and individuals resort to dirty tricks such as hacking and vote rigging? That’s exactly what’s been taking place on r/Bitcoin, Reddit’s most popular bitcoin board, with over 430,000 users, according to one redditor.

He Who Controls Information Controls the World of Bitcoin

Moderators on the thousands of subreddits that make up the so-called “front page of the internet” have a range of powers at their disposal. These include deleting and pruning threads and banning users found to have been in contravention of the site’s rules. The vast majority of these unpaid admins perform their duties diligently and tirelessly. But what happens when moderators overstep the line and abuse their privileges?

According to the appropriately named censorship_notifier, such behavior is rampant on r/Bitcoin, with one or more mods routinely using their enhanced access to control the flow of information. While such antics may sound trifling and the stuff of message board bickering, the world’s most popular Bitcoin subreddit is relied-on by hundreds of thousands of people for information. Underhand tactics do nothing to advance the cause of bitcoin and sully the community’s reputation…

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