Genaro to Move Data From Cloud to Blockchain

When cloud storage first burst into the scene, it was hailed as revolutionary, and even in today’s technological revolutions, it is still playing its part. However, Genaro is of the opinion that data storage can move away from the cloud and join the latest tech movement, the Blockchain.

As it currently stands, public Blockchains do not have the capability to hold mass data, however, as they continue to expand, there is more scope for building. Looking at Bitcoin as what might be called Blockchain 1.0, there have been improvements in the handling of data, such as Ethereum and its smart contracts, in what we might call Blockchain 2.0.

Genaro believes it is version 3.0 of the Blockchain, creating an ecosystem around bringing storage and smart contracts to technology, Blockchain, that already has huge application.

Becoming as useful as Internet applications

Genaro states that the addition of mass data storage and analysis on the Blockchain can help expand the burgeoning Dapp industry. Currently, decentralized apps are at an evolutionary stage as they feel out the ecosystem but a Blockchain with integrated storage solutions could propel things forward.

Internet apps currently rule the market with their access to internet and cloud storage, but then, if storage could tie in with the Blockchain, things could become a lot more even…

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