General Bytes’ Cryptocurrency ATMs Integrate Monero Support

It is evident cryptocurrency ATM operators have to keep innovating. In most cases, this means adding new cryptocurrencies to these machines in quick succession. General Bytes has done exactly that by integrating Monero support. More specifically, this feature has been available for several months now. However, it is a change which went by unnoticed for a lot of people. An interesting decision, though, as Monero is quickly gaining popularity.

Most people know there are many different cryptocurrencies which matter right now. Cryptocurrency ATM operators often integrate altcoin support over time. Some of the popular altcoins being supported include Litecoin and Ethereum. In some cases, machines may even have Dash functionality. It is good to see Monero finally being added to this list. General Bytes has made an interesting decision in this regard. For some reason, most people overlooked this change.

General Bytes and Monero Integration

More specifically, Monero support has been present for several months now. The company had announced this change quite some time ago. However, they seemingly got little public attention when this integration was completed. It is good to pay some attention to these changes in the long run, though…

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