German Parcel Bomber Issued €10 Million Bitcoin Blackmail Demand

The mailing of a parcel bomb to a pharmacy forced the evacuation of a Christmas market in Germany. The bomber sent a message to theglobal delivery firm, DHL, demanding a ransom of €10 million in bitcoins.

Fear During the Holiday Season

The bomb, assembled with explosive powder from Polish fireworks, screws, nails, and a detonator, was addressed to a pharmacy next to the Potsdam Christmas market last Friday. It also had a QR code for depositing the cryptocurrency and a warning note that they would send more bombs if their demands were not met.

Upon opening the package, it was reported that the package made a strange hissing sound, though it failed to detonate. Which is indeed fortunate for the pharmacist.

As for the bomber’s threat, it does seem that the perpetrator had, in fact, dispatched a similar consignment to an electronics merchant in Frankfurt. Police believe that the latest package bomb was dropped off at the local DHL packing station in Potsdam and are looking for possible witnesses.

German Police Stress Vigilance

Police are looking for suspects in and around Berlin and the Brandenburg state, following the failed bombing. The bomber is likely playing with the fears of the people to have his Bitcoin ransom demands paid, knowing too well that the people are fully aware of last year’s Jihadist bomb attack on a Berlin Christmas market that claimed 12 lives…

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