Huawei Is Building Tech That Can Stress Test Blockchains

Huawei is inching closer to making its first major release in the open-source blockchain sector.

After almost a year of behind-the-scenes work, the tech giant recently valued at $7.5 billion has unveiled a tool designed to test the performance of major blockchains, one it is now preparing to submit formally to the Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger consortium this year.

Called Project Caliper, the open-source technology already supports analysis of Hyperleger Fabric, Hylerledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Iroha, with more expected to be added by the end of 2018.

Still, Haojun Zhou, the Huawei engineer behind the vast majority of the code, described the tool as one that, while focused on analyzing technology, is fundamentally about helping developers and corporates make more confident decisions about their tech.

He told CoinDesk:

“We thought it is a missing piece of blockchain and we can help to develop it.”

Simply put, the goal of the project, launched last May, is to integrate existing blockchains into a framework whereby they can easily be compared via standards set by Hyperledger’s Performance and Scalability Working Group.

At the core of the benchmarking framework is an “adaption layer” that translates information so that Caliper can install smart contracts, invoke contracts or query the state of various distributed ledgers to best gauge their effectiveness…

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