International Market Maintains Demand for Chinese Mining Hardware

The future for manufacturers of bitcoin mining hardware in China appears bright despite reports that the Chinese central government will seek to rein in the power consumption of mining companies operating within its borders. Hong Kong-based media outlet, South China Morning Post, has reported that there is considerable international demand for Chinese mining hardware internationally – with Russian buyers representing a significant share of the industry’s demand.

Russian Buyers Provide Demand for Chinese Mining Equipment

South China Morning Post spent time with Alex, a 38-year-old Russian businessman visiting China to establish connections with bitcoin mining hardware retailers. The report states that Alex spent three days exploring central Shenzhen, where he compared the products offered by 30 different retailers. Alex claims to have had two or three trips to China over the last 15 years to purchase toys that he resells in Russia, however, this is the first trip that he has undertaken in order to purchase mining hardware.

Alex states that when he first entered the bitcoin mining industry he purchased 200 units in Moscow, for which he paid a 20% premium when compared to the Chinese market. He states that there is far more to consider than just the prices of the hardware he inspects, emphasizing that “It’s about how to choose a true retailer [that I trust].” […]

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