IOTA Foundation hires Denmark’s CyberCrypt

The IOTA Foundation announced it is hiring the world leading lightweight cryptography and security company CYBERCRYPT ApS from Denmark to take the Curl cryptography to its next maturation phase.

CYBERCRYPT provides strong cryptographic protection and digital security for every device, even if the computing base is untrusted, by means of patent-pending cryptographic technologies immune to key extraction. Among other industries, CYBERCRYPT delivers cybersecurity solutions for both IoT and FinTech.

Founded by expert cryptographers, CYBERCRYPT makes over 15 years of extensive experience in cybersecurity and cryptography from all over the world available to corporations, startups, governments, and other organizations. Their team of the world’s leading specialists constantly strives to provide the best and most cost-effective security solutions to their customers. Resource efficiency is a crucial feature required for cryptography deployed on IoT devices…

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