Iran Central Bank to Study Bitcoin and its Risks to the Market

The Central Bank of Iran has said that it is to study all aspects of bitcoin due to the high risk of uncertainty it brings to the market.

Speaking at a press conference, the deputy director of the central bank’s new technologies, Naser Hakimi, said that the bank is planning on looking further into the cryptocurrency. It will then be followed up by a full review of the bank’s policies in this area.

According to Hakimi, there are two areas of concern regarding bitcoin: the risk of uncertainty with its fluctuations and speculation. He said:

Given that bitcoin and other currencies have not been introduced by the central bank as the official currency, as well as the risk of buying it and the activity of traders in this field, we want investors and people to [be] more precautions coming into the market because of the possibility of malice.

He added that control and monitoring measures were being put into place, but that investors should be aware of the risks relating to the digital currency.

These comments come at a time when the Iranian government was reported as stating that the country could be adopting bitcoin. According to a high ranking government official, the necessary infrastructure is being put into place…

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