Is the Catholic Church the Next Stop on the Blockchain Train?

The Catholic Church is probably not the first thing that jumps to mind when thinking of blockchain. However, according to uCatholic, this is exactly where the technology could be heading to next.

The term “Catholicism” may bring to mind images of dusty scrolls, solemn sermons, and centuries-old methods of performing tasks. But it seems as though those very scrolls could soon be moved onto a distributed ledger.

Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration but if Catholic Blockchain is successful in their endeavors, the Catholic Church could benefit greatly from the advantages of this technology.

A Testament to Blockchain

The platform’s main goal is to encourage and help integrate blockchain technology into the processes of the Catholic Church. One of its co-founders, Brantly Millegan, explained:

I believe blockchain technology is one of the most important innovations of the last ten years, and the Catholic Church, as the world’s largest global organization, is uniquely placed to benefit from using it.

The platform has also outlined practical uses of blockchain within the Church itself, and one of them is providing financial inclusivity for the unbanked population. This benefit has already been widely publicized with some platforms working hard to bridge that gap.

The technology is not the only thing that can make a difference. Virtual currencies could also be used by the Church to facilitate faster international payments, an idea that the country of Argentina is actively pursuing…

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